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Parameter or characteristic name Unit Value Note
Type of measured fuel   LPG  
Allowed tilt angle of vehicle when measuring
level, max
degrees 12  
Container wall thickness mm 1,5…4,0  
Operational temperature range С – 40 … + 70  
Measuring part ingress protection rating   IP67  
Transducer ingress protection rating   IP50  
Mode of operation   Continuous  
Indicator resolution capability liters 1*  
Measurement range mm 20…600**  
Averaging period sec. 30  
Code length of presentation of measurement
bit 10/12/16 level
8 temperature
Exchange rate through the serial port bps
2400, 4800,
9600, 19200,
default setting -
Power supply
Power supply voltage, operational range V +9 …+36 Nominal value
Current consumption, max mA 70  
Digital   RS-232 ULS2 model
RS-485 ULS4 model
Transducer, max mm 62х38х16  
Measuring part, max mm diametr 26х11  
* - Indicator readings are considered adequate in 30 seconds after the filling-in if the vehicle
stays in horizontal position.
** - When level of fuel in tank is lower than the minimal measuring range of sensor, readings can
be incorrect. It is recommended to fill in before fuel reaches lower measuring range of sensor.

European certificate for ultrasonic sensors "SIGMA" models ULXX-XXX

Derective 2014/30/EU of the European Parliamment and the Concil of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relation to electromagnetic compatibility.

Ultrasonic level sensor "Sigma" composition


US 20 Installation
Утилита для датчика Sigma
Фото монтажа датчика Sigma
Фото монтажа датчика Sigma US 20 Installation

Installation Manual Sigma

Photos of the installation on the LPG container




US 20 Install

SIGMA Passport